Prayer Requests - China

Please pray for my husband to come back home so we can fix our marriage, in Jesus' name. I need a miracle, please Lord hear my cries, victory is yours.

Please pray for a miracle in my marriage. My husband left home and wants a divorce. I feel so alone in this battle. Father help us. I'm begging you.

Please pray for a miracle in my marriage, for healing and restoration and for my husband Etienne to come back home so we can fix things with God's help.

Please pray for healing & restoration in my marriage, and for my husband to come back home. We need God's help. The victory is His - not the enemy's. Thanks.

My depression led my husband to leave home 1 month ago and he wants a divorce. He's the love of my life. Pray for my marriage - God can fix anything.

Pray that I have the strength to be able to seek God. I am a Chinese student. Recently, I haven't been the Christian I used to be or that I should be.

Prayer for God's hand to be upon our team on this coming closing deliberation at work. Let your glory Lord shine! Thanks TSC for all you do.

Prayer for God's anointing during my work visit to China. Lord, have your way in me. Thanks, TSC for your faithful service!

Hello, I would like to request a prayer for myself. I m suffering from a very intense financial crisis with debts that I can't manage by myself. I am unemployed.

Please pray for "F" who is suffering from cancer and life is being weakened, and likely dying. May God heal him so that he can turn wonderfully healthy.