Prayer Requests - Chile

Please help me to pray for salvation for a neighbor that asked me to preach to her today. That she would receive Jesus into her heart.

Prayer for Chile and the church. There is violence, riots, looting. The situation is getting worse. Many Christians cannot congregate. We need help

Chile is in a state of emergency. Mobs are destroying my country. Please pray for peace to be restored and no more deaths.

Greetings and many blessings, I ask you to pray for us so that the will of the Lord may be present in our lives. It has not been easy to walk.

My nephew Felipe (7-years-old) is going to have a brain MRI tomorrow. Please pray for good results. Thank you, TSC.

Praying for salvation. That God will speak through me and touch the heart of an old friend, as I witness to him today. I need you, Jesus.

For provision for my sister and wisdom to get out of debt. For her little business to produce some revenue so she can make a living for her and her son.

My sister has court for child support on Thursday. The father is trying to reduce the already low amount he is paying. Lord, give her favor in court.

For Marianela to have a good doctor report after biopsy. Total health for her body and surrender her life to Jesus.

Rest, peace of mind, discernment, and healing for my sister. Salvation for my 82-year-old grandmother who is fighting cancer and 86-year-old grandfather.