Prayer Requests - Brazil

I would like a prayer for my spiritual life, me and my family and my business. I am very grateful. Thank you.

Please, I ask prayer for my mind. I have many bads thoughts and yokes, including disturbing thoughts about God and everything. I need freedom. Thanks.

Please. I need prayer for a new job and wisdom and strength.
Thanks. God bless you!

In need of a new job. My finances need a provision from God. It's possible for Him. I believe. Pray for me. Thanks. God bless you.

Pray for Marli, 28 yrs old, married with 3 children. Her husband wants to divorce her and the papers are ready. He got addicted to the internet and left home.

Please continue praying for a young woman who is 15yrs old as she still battling depression, suicidal thoughts and hopelessness, as well as withdrawn from people. Thanks TSC.

Prayer for the salvation of my mother (Clarinha), my father (Miguel), my brother (Jonathan), my great-aunt Rita and my aunt Elizabeth. Pray for their protection.

1- A new heart, as it's written in Ezekiel 36. 2- The strategy to beat the bad thoughts. 3- The removal of the iniquities of imorality and violence.

My niece Evelyn who is 15 yrs old is suicidal. She said life has no meaning. Her friends in school bully her. Her father cheated on the mom and left. Please pray.