Prayer Requests - Belgium

Please pray for a Christian family, who lost their daughter in the March 22nd terrorist attack.
They all still trying to recover. She left a 3-year-old.

For the recovery of Eduardo, a minister and missionary to the country of Spain, after a very delicate intervention. Thank you, TSC!

Please TSC, pray for the conversion of my mother, Francisca, 82 years old, and my entire family. Thank you very much!

Pray that God help me get my funding next week and pass my language exams. I prophesy celebration next weekend. Thank you for my supportive husband. Amen.

Hello, I need prayer for my marriage. Sophie and I have been married for 17 years and Sophie has left us for another man. I still love her very much.

Auntie Chantal was a Christian and she got caught in the JW recently. We had a talked about it in order bring her back to Jesus. She admitted knowing nothing about faith and being confused. Please pray for my future intervention at her.

Please pray for AmAA©lie, the new wife of my cousin Glenn. She has a sickness that causes parts of her body to be cold and this sickness has already caused the death of a child within the next hours of birth. Please pray for healing. Thanks.

Please pray for Andrew, my cousin Glenn's son. He's excluded from all official schools due to bad behavior (lies, steals) and rebellion against authority. Solution for school needed. As it's due to wounds and trauma. Please also pray for healing.

Please pray for Nicola (20), to be delivered from an acute eating disorder and depression. Also for his salvation. Thank you, TSC!

Please pray that the Lord will open up doors for a job for David, father of 6 children. Thank you very much TSC!