Prayer Requests - Belgium

Please pray for my study group about calling and the wilderness. I hope and pray to reach more people and that they may grow. Thanks.

Thank you God for your blessings. I pray that I shall be the chosen candidate for that job I have applied for. With You nothing is impossible. Favor us.

Please pray for the ultimate salvation of my motherly grandma, reached by an advanced stage of Alzheimer's. I don't want her to burn in Hell fire forever. Please pray.

I need prayer for the release of my daughter from homosexuality and her conversion.
I am single mom and wish for marriage in the plan of God. Blessings.

Please pray for Susanne G., one of my customers who has cancer in her intestine. Thanks TSC. God Bless you all.

Pray for the victims of a shooting downtown Liege this morning. One of the victims has left two 13-year-old girls orphans. Please pray.

Jesus, I thank you for this pregnancy, I declare Philippians 1:6. Protect me and baby for the remaining few weeks. I trust in your perfect timing. Amen.

Pray for my family. We are in a financial storm. I started an import/export activity but is very slow. We need directions both spiritually and daily.

Please, pray for my cousin Asha who is terminally ill with cancer in a hospice in New York. Please pray that the Lord heals her. Thank you!