Prayer Requests - Belgium

Please pray for Emma. She has final stage of pancreatic cancer with metastasis at her liver; together with other health issues at her larynx. Thank you.

We need your prayers for forgiveness and healing in my family and the Lord's guidance for our professional situations.

Please pray for Aycha, who has been physically violated by her former boss, causing her to suffer trauma, depression, sleep trouble and anguish crises.

Please pray for mum, caught with a cancer carcinoma without metastases at her lung and my unsaved 80 yo grandma with advanced Alzheimer. Thanks, TSC.

I need your prayer for my children to come back to faith; for Lord's guidance and discernment in this season of my life. Where to settle, what to do.

Asking for prayer for a woman Flora who is in physical pain and going through cancer treatment. She is from Brazil and alone in Europe facing this.

I'm getting separated from my husband who is a narcissistic pervert after 22 years of marriage. Please pray for me and the protection of our daughter.

Please pray for Sandrine, and for her husband and 3 young children. She once knew Christ and is now heavily alcoholic, often found in the streets.