Prayer Requests - Austria

Please pray with me for a Godly husband. God makes miracles and He listens to all prayers. I love you all my brothers and sisters. Thank you.

Pray for my friend's son to be set free from alcoholism and demonic attacks. Also for my brother to be set free and baptized in the Holy Spirit.

Pray for salvation for Rupert, who is the son of a Freemason, and his father. Rupert has bought a Bible but is still spiritually blinded.

Please pray for our daughter to come to faith in Jesus as the only way, truth, and life.

Salvation for Rupert. He is questioning what he really believes and he feels he's lost control of his life.

Please pray for my son P. Who is in great pain, and is housebound due to a neural Issue he developed 8 years ago. He has been opposed to the Gospel. Thank you.

Pray for Pastor Jorge and wife Melissa, who haven't any income and wants to start a business, they need to sell these puppies urgently.

Heidemarie, about 60, needs our prayers. She is driven by restlessness, filled and crumpled with fear, beyond further treatment. Thank you.

Please pray for my sister Alison, she suffers from depression for at least 12 years. And I have lost my first love and my peace. Thank you!

Please pray for the people in our country, we need Jesus desperately. So many people here are lost.