Prayer Requests - Angola

Shalom, I am Pedro from Angola. I was at TSC in 2013 and soon I am coming for my wedding with a young Godly woman from there. Pray for me and us.

Hi, fellow brethren in Christ, pray for my calling from God and my wedding that will soon be held there at Times Square Church with Catherine M.

Hi, I am from Angola, a young soccer player, and a teacher of English, prayer request for my wedding to be held at Times Square Church. Waiting on God's time.

Hi, I am from Angola, pray for my wedding to held there at times square church and my soccer career in the USA. I am in Angola. Bless you.

Pray for the pregnant moms, in the body of Christ. Chalce is having her baby today pray she has a healthy baby and a safe delivery also, pray for normal child.

Please pray for me and my boyfriend Isaiah. For reconciliation and patience throughout our long distance relationship. Let God be the center. Amen.

Please pray for reconciliation between Isaiah and I. I pray that this week God will reveal me His will for our relationship. Amen.

Please pray for my boyfriend Isaiah and I, for our long distance relationship and that God continues to be the center of it. Amen.

Please pray that God continues to provide for my trip to the USA. It is done in Jesus's name.

Peace of mind, restful sleep, to make the right decision about a trip around Christmas time.
To feel more empowered and have the purpose to do well in my work.