Prayer Requests - Afghanistan

I need M's ungodly prayers on me to cease. Anger, resentment, sexual abuse, abuse in the church and men and women of God, I am homeless. I used up all.

Families are selling their little children due to the drought that is killing off crops. Pray Malachi 4:5-6 for Jesus to show up.

Prayer for deliverance from drugs used in sex trafficking on children that the Holy Spirit restrain abuse and addictions, on children.

My mother has a cancerous tumor on her pelvis, and it's growing, She is feeling pain, please pray for Jesus to heal my mother. God is ABLE,

Praying for Mary and Tommy financial breakthrough and peace. Amen.

I'm from India. After six years of being in a relationship. My ex-boyfriend said he doesn't want me anymore. Since then I've come to know I have been cheated on.

Prayer for the Holy Ghost fire - that no man can put out - to reveal Jesus to every soul in Afghanistan.

Prayer for US Soldiers and a mighty outpouring of the gospel in Afghanistan, for a mighty awakening.

Prayer for the little boys and girls to have an encounter with Jesus in Afghanistan this year of miracles.

I ask for guidance in my personal life after my husband of 21 years left me unexpectedly.