Prayer Requests - United Arab Emirates

Facing financial situations due to job loss and careless spouse, need special prayer for my family for salvation, knowing God will change everything.

Please pray for my mom who is back in my home country, Kenya. She is suffering from alcoholism and drugs addiction. Jesus is Lord!

Please pray for me for deliverance from deep rooted fear. Sometimes this fear steals my sleep and sometimes it paralyzes me.

Pray Lord will save many souls through me and that I will be fearless and filled with the Holy Spirit. Also pray that Muslims, youth will come back.

In Ramadan, Muslims are fasting. Pray that revival will come and spirit blinding people will be broken. Jesus is Son of God our Savior He is with us.

Please pray for Wilson: the sale of the land and for the sale of his building in Jesus name. Also pray for James sale of the house.

I need God to prosper my business so my desire to bless God's people and to help other ministries will be fulfilled. Right now, I'm in survival mode.

Pray for Yangsook P. She has two teenaged kids and has serious cancer. Her family is strong in the faith. She is currently in Korea and her children in the UAE.

I feel like God is calling me to Bible college, media and film industry in Chicago but I want to attend TSC so bad that I wanna apply in NYC for nursing. Please pray.

Pray for Noir's salvation and open heart. He's very lonely and was involved in cults. Let him be born again and become a radical evangelist.