Answered Prayers - WV

Eye doctor thought my son had glaucoma. After prayer, test results show he does not! The pressure in his eyes are different, should be the same. God knows!

We prayed for aorta aneurysm surgery for dad and peace for mom. Answered. Surgery was a success and better than the doctor even expected; and supernatural peace for mom. Praise God!

Asked prayer for Randy. 5 weeks ago a tree limb fell on his head. Praise God he is on his way to rehab! The admitting nurse told his family he was a medical miracle. Praise to the God that heals!

I'd asked for prayer for John a couple months back. Praise report: bone marrow has greatly improved and blood is close back to normal. Dr. and all are very excited. Priase unto our God!

Praise God for answered prayer for John; asked you to pray a few weeks ago has a cancer of the blood. Since praying, blood is leveling out getting close to normal; pray for salvation and healing.

Praise God! He saved my ex-wife and has lead her to a church and renewed contact with me! Than you God for reconciliation!

God almighty, thank you for your grace; bless all who are hearing your word this minute, be merciful, show your power and love. Thank you.

Pastor's unborn grandson last week doctor said it's hopeless but asked mom to return today; miraculous improvements! pls pray lungs drain.