Answered Prayers - TN

Praise for my sister's recovery. Simply a miracle from our compassionate Lord and Savior!

Praise King Jesus! We prayed for my sister who was diagnosed with colon cancer, lost 68 pounds, needed blood transfusions, and surgery, but God - she's healed and cancer-free!

We have been praying with Pastor Carter for 60 million people to be saved we had one saved this morning praise the Lord, Dutch valley Baptist Church Knoxville, TN.

TSC prayed for my sister who was diagnosed with colon cancer. Doctor reported a 3.5-pound malignant tumor was removed, no pain meds, and she is now CANCER FREE!

Daughter is continuing to heal from major surgery. Please pray for continued healing. Thank you.

Daughter's surgery was a success without colon resection. Saved right ovary which must provide hormones to maintain spiritual/mental/physical health. Keep praying!

Melanie's stage IV cancer is currently in remission. She is out of bed, eating solid food, and she has even driven her car several times! Praise God!

Praise God! Thank you so much, TSC, for praying for WC recently. Tests show that cancer on his pancreas is shrinking. We continue to pray for total healing.

All the glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! My sister Mitsy began to talk, eat and even walk this morning. Thank you for your prayers and all the glory goes to Him.