Answered Prayers - PA

Thank you for your prayers for John. He had a heart attack and it was serious. He came through surgery, and it went much better than the doctors had expected.

For those with stubborn spouse who won't apologize, God changed my wife, she was unable to say sorry for years, now she does. Only God can do it! Lord do it.

For all in marriage struggle, told God couldnt take my wifes behavior I was gonna give up if he didnt do something soon, well we dont argue much anymore AMEN.

Asked for prayers last week for a good report on PET scan; Praise Him! They found NOTHING!

The Lord said only believe! My wife's scan came back from what the doctor said, stage 1, to what Jesus said, be gone! The scan came back clear! Amen and Amen!

Asked for prayers last week for a good report & miracle in the results of my PET scan; lo and behold - they found NOTHING! No lymphoma! Rejoice with us!

See my wife changing behavior. Getting along much better. He is the God of the impossible! AMEN! She was more stubborn then me. Lots of love.

While ago, I told God, if he doesn't change my wife, I can't take it anymore. My wife has finally learned to say I'm sorry. Impossible for 9 year. God is working.

My husband is in rehab and has been attending church and Bible study there. The pastor picks him up! Thanks for your prayers!

The amount owed seemed insurmountable but thanks to God, the medical bills are paid. Praise the Lord, our God is good. He is so so faithful and true.