Answered Prayers - OK

God blessed me with a clean apartment and I only have to pay half of the rent. Thank you for your prayers.

God once again has stepped in with His righteous right hand and has granted me a clean bill of health. Blessed be the name of Jesus. Amen.

All glory to God. My son-in-law Chris is healed from flu related pneumonia, off the vent and now at home. Pray that God will restore his strength daily. Thanks!

My niece's husband Dale, who had a heart attack and was unconscious last week is off life support and has been moved to the cardiac unit. No neurologic damage! Thank God.

Thank you for your prayers. My son is back home. He left because of things said that hurt him. I didn't know where he was. God gave me chance to mend our relationship.

I asked Jesus to heal Aspyn last week. The next day they took tubes and he is on full feed. Please continue to pray. We need a miracle Jesus. In your name.
He has microcephaly. I know God still does miracles.

I had asked for prayer for my daughter to come to this country. Praise God she got a visitors visa to come here.

Friend thrown from rolling vehicle at 70 mph suffered skull fractures and neck fractures. After 2 weeks in ICU is talking and moving, forgetful but making miraculous progress. Praise God and grateful.

Thank you for your prayers for my grandson. He has been looking for work for almost two years. God bless. He is now working!

Had an endoscopy June 24 no ulcer, cancer, tumors. Dr originally told me acid reflux. Many prayed for me. No illness. Thank you Jesus.