Answered Prayers - OH

Casey is out of the hospital following his heart transplant. Skipping two weeks of rehab; improving so he didn't qualify for rehab. Praise Jesus.

Thank you for standing with us in prayer for my friend's husband who had open-heart surgery. The surgery was successful and he is at home recovering.

Tonight we prayed for Casey to get a heart. @9:15 his mother called to say they got the call 30 min. Earlier that he has a donor. God is on time and faithful.

Praise God! After years of prayers my mom recently became a US citizen. I thank God for divine favor. Also please pray for Legal Aid Society clients and staff.

A couple of weeks ago TSC prayed for everyone to have a sound mind. Since then God has been working in me a new confidence peace of mind joy and hope! Praise God!

Been wanting to go back to College for a long time but couldn't find the funding. Asked for prayer. Found out Tuesday that God blessed me with the loans I needed.