Answered Prayers - NY

Thank you Jesus. I found good doctors to treat my hand infection. Thank you TSC for our prayers.

Thank you, Lord, and TSC for your prayers. I had a good endoscopy procedure with good results. Hallelujah! God is good!

Thank you congregation for praying for my family. After 6 years, me, my mother and my kids celebrated Thanksgiving together. My Granma would've been so proud.

Prayed to God for the safe return of our great-grandson, Reign. He is 4.5 years old, left the house on his own. He was found walking back home. Thank You, Jesus.

I wrote for my Grandma's surgery during prayer meeting yesterday. It was very successful and the blood infection is gone and organs are back to normal! Thank you Lord! Thank you TSC.

Thanks be to God. The mass was removed from my face last Wednesday and today the surgeon informed me that there was no malignancy. Thank you for praying.

Submitted a prayer request for a 5-year-old who was in surgery for cancer. The surgery went very well. He is out of the hospital and is so much better. Thank you for prayers.

Last year, our marriage and family were under attack by the enemy. Praise and thank God we are so far from that now! Peace and blessings are restored!

Joanne got a new job, I survived last semester and am now heading into my final semester (only by the way of God), and job is better. Thanks for all the prayers.