Answered Prayers - NY

Ear infection is healed! There's no more pain and itching or oozing. Just normal earwax. Thanks for praying with me!

After I sent a prayer request for a sister (adverse reaction to meds after a kidney transplant), she was released the next day from the hospital. Only God!

Thank you so much for praying. My dad's pacemaker surgery went well. Our God is so faithful! To God be ALL the glory!

Praise God and thank you TSC for praying for my daughter. She had victorious and successful delicate spine surgery, done through her neck to correct herniated discs.

Thank you for your prayers. After a long time, client paid 70% of his invoices, so we can cover rent and a few expenses. Glory to Jesus! Thank you saints.

I would like to thank God for helping me to finish my career of Psychology. God is our helper in every single area in our life! Thank you Jesus!

Thank you TSC for praying for my sister Antoinette. Her surgery (kidney) is a success. God bless you all.

After months of delays, my business project is nearing completion under even more favorable terms! The Lord's right hand has done mighty things, stay in prayer!

I submitted a prayer request for my daughter to get a job, she was looking for jobs for 10 months, miraculously she got a job; Thank you for your prayers.