Answered Prayers - NY

Roseline my cousin in Haiti with breast mass has a Visa for Cuba 1/13/20 for surgery. Praise the Lord! Pray for traveling mercies and that the surgery goes well.

Thank God for His gracious financial providence. I completed my Fashion Studies at Parsons and I am part of NSLS-US largest honor society for academic distinction.

Praise all to God for his continued love to me his mercies endures today as I celebrate quietly my 55 years birthday I look back God is good!

My mum's lung biopsy and tests have come back NEGATIVE! No cancer! No tuberculosis!
Praise Jesus! God is a miracle worker!
Thank you for praying TSC.

Thank you, Lord, for healing my eczema. I am not itching all over anymore. Praise God!

A clear and sound mind for myself. A job for my mother and to take care of all her bills.
A Godly wife for my brother and his citizenship.

My brother in the Lord, Big Mike, had a successful operation for the removal of a pancreas cyst. He is scheduled to go home today, Saturday. God is good.

Thanks be to the good Lord Jesus for saving me from being a bitter, deceitful, aldulterer, full of sin. God is good and His mercy endures forever.