Answered Prayers - NC

Thanking the Lord Jesus and all intercessors for praying. Returning home a few weeks ago my family and my life were spared. Praise God!

Our daughter-in-law was healed from severe and prolonged morning sickness. She is able to resume normal activity now. Praise the Lord!

Thank you TSC for praying for Billy who was 65, a believer, was brutally attacked on 11/23 over a parking space. Went home to be with the Lord last Tuesday 12/3.

My friend Mary has recovered from her broken leg. She is 83. Thank you for your prayers!

I see God is working on my spouse's heart to be an honest man. Thank you for praying TSC. Please continue to pray for him to have the power to live holy.

Thank you for praying for my co-worker 's eldest son who moved out some nine months ago behaving badly. Has now returned home as a loving and respectful son.

Thank you for praying for my elderly neighbor Joan who fell down and missed a step. Broke her nose and both wrists. Needed two surgeries and they went very well.