Answered Prayers - MO

My uncle and aunt were both healed from cancer simultaneously. They now believe in the power of our almighty God! Hallelujah! Santo!

Last Tuesday my sister-in-law had a stroke. Today she is back to normal! Praise be to God!

After 5 years of separation from daughter because of addiction at a conference last weekend when I went to receive prayer, I looked up and she was praying for me.

God answered! The report came back no prostate cancer! To him be the glory! Thanks for joining me in prayer.

On January 14, my daughter and her husband left with our 3 grandkids with no notice and no contact. We prayed and believed with you and praise God, they are now back home!

Hallelujah! I asked for prayer for my friend Jenie, that God provides healing or an appointment with the Mayo Clinic. In less than 24 hours, the Mayo Clinic called with an appointment!

Sister-in-law had stroke. Huge difference in 24 hrs she Is walking without falling and believes she is being healed! felt a burst of energy! Praise God!

My friend Jenie with Gillian B. with terrible nerve pain is seeing God move mountains all around! God is on the move! Hope is being restored Praise God!

Praise the Lord for the TSC Men's Retreat this past weekend. Renewal was needed and received!

My daughter, her husband, and my 3 grandkids have been gone for 8 months with no contact and no notice. Today God brought them home. God is faithful.