Answered Prayers - MN

I lost my house in a divorce five years ago. By God's grace and provision I am happy to say that I will be a home owner again! Only God can make a way!

Jayme C. was found alive! What an answer to prayer, Tuesday prayer meeting really reflects this, keep knocking!

Praise the Lord, my ex husband paid his back child support. I can use these funds to pay bills that are due. Thank you Jesus!

Thank you for your prayers. My first ever prayer to your circle, about 2 weeks ago, was answered.

Praising God that the Holy Spirit is doing a miracle in my body! Sickness has left my body. Have been unable to get going this morning and after.

Praising the Lord for reconciliation between my mom and brother. They haven't spoken in a year and a half. Next step, please pray my brother forgives my dad.

Thank you God for helping me pass my boards. Thank you TSC for your prayers for strength to study and pass my boards.

Praising the Lord for working in my brother's heart, and reconciling him with my mom. He is still mad at my dad, but it's progress. God is good.

I'm a single mom, tight on money. But the Lord has always, always, provided for my kids and myself. I'm in awe how He comes through in every circumstance. Praise the Lord!

After months of praying, losing my apartment, and giving up, I'm coming home to New York. I will be a creative director starting June 11th. It's a great job.