Answered Prayers - ME

In September I requested prayer for a miracle for a friend who had brain issues and lives near TSC. She visited TSC with me in November and received salvation! She recently had successful brain surgery.

Thank you, Jesus for answered prayer- changes in me and my family. His Spirit is moving and bringing a taste of freedom.

Thank you, Jesus, for healing my shoulder after dislocation and actually making me stronger than before with PT. Thank you TSC for praying!

My father became a Christian on his deathbed! Thank you, Jesus! Thank you TSC for praying!

Praise God, my mother finally got health insurance and now she can get help for her health problems. Thank you Jesus!

Praise God that Joshua's boss was being kinder last week. Thank you for your prayers! Please pray for conviction and repentance.

Praise God! Bill has finally gone to a doctor for help at age 83, after 40 years! Thank you for for your prayers!

My grandson who is 5 years old accepted Christ as his Lord and Savior! He said the sinner's prayer and understood and shouted, I Believe granny! I Believe!

I've been submitting a specific request for a particular area of my marriage since the prayer meeting first began. I am happily amazed! God has done it!

God is making changes in my home. Very oddly, 4 people have begun playing guitar and fewer video games. I am surprised. Please keep praying! Thank you!