Answered Prayers - MD

All praise to God, he is faithful, he blessed my sister with full time employment after 3 years. He kept her, fed her, paid rent. Thank you faithful, you're awesome!

Thank you Lord Jesus. Al and Rose sold their home, Susan started a new job and Patrice past her teaching tests. Thank you TSC prayer warriors!

God answered a prayer to find a home away from my abusive, unbelieving family. I found a temporary room in a beautiful safe neighborhood. I can pray in peace.

Praise and thank you Jesus! Sue got a new job, and Rose and Al sold their home! Thank you TSC prayer warriors! Amen.

Thank you Jesus for prayers answered. Andrew got an email today that he is all cleared to graduate in December 2019! Thank you TSC prayer warriors! Amen!

You have been praying for my nephew (Corey) who lost his vision after a diagnosis of having fungal meningitis. His vision appears to be returning. Praise the Lord! Thank you.

Thank you, Jesus and TSC prayer warriors. I prayed that God would send Jenna a friend, and he sent her a lovely friend Kirsten. Amen.