Answered Prayers - LA

Several weeks ago I asked for prayer about a job for my daughter. The Lord has worked a miracle in her life. Thank you for your prayers.

My son's marriage was saved by your prayers the other night. They have nine children and were contemplating divorce. I tuned in and stood in the gap for them.

Thank You TSC Prayer warriors and intercessors around the world. My husband Frank's blood work and KTOV was great this month. Thank You God for the good report.

Thanks, TSC for prayers Helen's blood clot was dissolved in her heart and she was able to have the cardioversion done. Thank you, Jesus.

Asked for prayer last week concerning my daughter's biopsy on her thyroid. Came back today benign. Praise Jesus! Thank you, TSC!

Asked for prayer to sell my home. Been on the market for months. 2 weeks after sending request, I have a buyer. Closing Oct. 18! Thank ya'll! God is good!

I got two pairs of new shoes. Glory to God! It may not sound like a big deal to you, but God did it. I told Him my need and HE came through! I'm ecstatic.

Ganna's 10-year-old niece that was in an accident. There was no blood clot formed, she came out of the coma, was sent home in 7 days, and is expecting a full recovery. Prayers are answered.

God has been very good today! I know He is always Good. I just wanted to thank Him with everybody else who praises Him here. Thank you Jesus.