Answered Prayers - IN

Praise the Lord, that Debbie D., is doing much better! She has a hernia situation. Thanks to all of you for the prayers! May God bless all of you!

Praise God! Hallelujah! Thank everyone for the prayers for my grandson, Kooper! He got to come home last week. He's our miracle from God! Praise God!

Thank you TSC for standing with us in prayer. Baby Kooper is a miracle baby, weighs 1 pound 3 months, in hospital; came home today. What a God we serve!

Praising God and thanking everyone for their prayers for my grandbaby Kooper, who was born at 29 weeks. He continuing to amazes us daily! Continued prayers, please.

God continues to move! 3rd gathering in our local coffee shop! Prayer-worship-message-prayer - Holy Spirit! Please continue praying. New faces connecting! Rise!

His Spirit continues to move! Women are experiencing a breakthrough. Continued prayers to be deaf to the roar of the enemy and Holy Spirit baptism are appreciated.

Answered prayer for good health report and an upcoming interview for a friend in need of a job.

I have been praying for three years that my son would bring his kids to church, God is awesome he placed someone from our church at his job and he invites him.

Praise God! Ira S. is much better. He is able to eat again and did regain some weight. Thank you, TSC!