Answered Prayers - IL

Healing touch during Communion on 4/23. Strength was depleted by laboring outside of God's boundaries. Psalm 16:6 effected my spirit, too. But, restored! Jn. 6:53-58.

Carole who was in the hospital for heart problems, is home and doing really well. Pray that she stays on this speedy recovery, Praise God.

Deliverance from despair and equipping for ministry thru P. Carter's msg Ps. 1; Bro. Will "Greatest Temptation"; P. Nick's "Pain"; Getty's "Truth and Beauty" Thank you.

I asked for my back to be healed and today I am 97% healed, it's getting better everyday. Thank you Jesus and thanks for all the prayers. May God Bless you all.

Pastor Jerry is healing from cancer and his sodium level is normal. He went back home on Saturday. Praise God.

Praise God! I received great news today on my thyroid ultrasound results. Thank you, Jesus, for answering our prayers!

I had horrible shoulder pain and was feeling discouraged, but joined the TSC Tuesday Prayer meeting. It was when I started praying for others that the pain I had left.

God, thank you! Pricille was released from Ohio Seneca jail. Now she's coming to Illinois to get her green card, be with her.