Answered Prayers - CO

Per scan for daughter with stage 4 lung cancer showed "near remission". Doctor amazed. Will keep praying!

Thank You God, and TSC, for an answered prayer for my cousin, Tom, about not having to take a very risky prescribed medication last week.

Asked prayer in November for severely depressed adult grandson. Out of depression. Said he knew he had been prayed for. Thanks to all who prayed for him!

Praise God! I was convicted Tuesday of my sin of prayerlessness (James 4:17). I'm now on fire to pray with authority and fulfill the call (Isaiah 62:6).

Praise God for His faithfulness! My home sold today and I leave Friday for a trip to VA to care for my Mom. Thank you, TSC, for your prayers.

Two boys with many difficulties (one of them institutionalized) were finally placed in very loving, good foster homes with parents willing to adopt them.

Cataract surgery for both of my mom's eyes went very well; thank you worldwide prayer partners for your prayers! We thank God for all of His mercies!

I asked for prayer on May 1, that my daughter's stolen car would be recovered. It was found today in good shape and the thief is in jail. Only God!

Praise God! Thank you for your prayers for God providing a new job for my husband. It came after he was demoted due to cutbacks at his current job.