Answered Prayers - AZ

"It's time to pray" was given to an Indian woman who was a drug dealer, she just got a job and all her family still on an Indian reservation.

I got a part-time job, which starts September 16 for four weeks and church member took me to my mom's favorite restaurant to remember her.

El Chapo drug cartel is sentenced to life in prison we thank you, Jesus, that you are bringing down those who harm others and are a threat to countries.

Was in a bad van accident today, but nobody was hurt and the vehicle was towed. I'm so grateful no one was hurt.

I'm so thankful God is a genuine Father and for Tuesday night fasting and prayers - along with the worship and wisdom for all of us in prayer.

TSC to Tucson, Arizona to speak to pastors about their responsibility to lead weekly/corporate fasting and prayer and place It's Time to Pray in every church.