Answered Prayers - AK

A year after starting chemo for a malignant brain tumor, 3-year-old Danica is cancer-free. Please pray it never returns. Thanks so much for praying, God bless.

Thank you Pastor Carter Conlon for being a spiritual Father and Shepherd's Shepherd to the online community. Much health and joy to you.

I'm doing better getting off meth and trying to stop drinking. I have a job now and four kids. I saw my mom for the first time in months Thank You.

I am so grateful for the "Run for your Life" sermon by Carter Conlon and Tuesday prayer and fasting. This has been life versus death, for me and my family!

My friends newborn baby test came back negative for the genetic disease, however, the whole family has strep throat and all sick.

Thank you Pastor Patrick Pierre. Many years ago you prayed for me on a Tuesday night.
I believe I'm still alive because of those prayers thank you TSC.