Answered Prayers - Sweden

Praise the Lord for He is good; his mercy, love and kindness with me and my children. He tore down all weapons formed against us because of my sins, John 17.

We prayed for a heavy cold to leave in order for the operation the next day to be possible. I did not cough or sneeze or have any symptoms when waking up.

God is never blind to our tears, deaf to our prayers or silent to our pain. God sees, God hears and God will deliver to us. Thank you all.

My dear Lord Jesus, I lift Your name on high for You're awesome. Lord, you healed my friend's eye vision and surgery. Thank you all for prayers and support for my request.

Home visiting with family and friends over the holidays. Been praying for them, and God gave me the opportunity to talk and see how He is moving in their lives.

Thanks to God and for your prayer. A few weeks ago I wrote about a 40-year-old man getting a kidney. All is well thanks to God; He answered our prayer!

Praise God for providing me with a good job. Great is His faithfulness. Thank you TSC family for praying for me.

Thank you, Jesus and brothers and sisters in TSC. I and my family have been hard tested in recent years, but God has always answered our prayers. God bless you.