Answered Prayers - Poland

Thanks for your praying for pastor Edward. The operation went well. He participated in Christmas service. Many blessings for the New Year.

Praise the Lord for the significant improvement of Pastor Kazik's health. His lungs work properly! He is back home. Thanks for your prayers.

I'm grateful to God and you, TSC, for praying for Ania. Tumor disappeared totally! Let's pray that this miracle will cause her to come back to fellowship.

Thanks for praying for Lonek. Despite living over five years with cancer his blood test seems normal. A slight progress of the illness is seen in CT scan. Please pray.

Thanks to the Lord, Yeshuah, He gave me first signs of true repentance, that I prayed for, for 12 years since I met Him, He melted my heart at the cross.

Yeshua answered your prayers for me. I was lost in my sins, although I had accepted Jesus and was baptized. He forgave me and showed me I'm redeemed.

Thank you for your prayer for Peter, the Lord was gracious to our prayers. Peter shared his testimony of healing in our congregation. (He lives in other city).

The Lord God answered our prayers and our leader of 50 generations left the hospital and is grateful for prayerful intercession.

I am grateful for the prayers on behalf of Kasia, who is in hospital with depression. She is doing much better and she will leave the hospital on Thursday. Praise the Lord!