Answered Prayers - New Zealand

In 2014 I sent in request for a church reaching out in love. In 2019 God led me to a church founded in 2014, doing feeding, housing, the addicted are getting set free, and salvations. There is a strong Godly presence.

My Mum's (Trisha's) mood has lifted significantly. Your prayers have pushed back the darkness. Thank you, Praise God!

Anne-Maree's brain tumor is gone. Radiation was successful. All glory to God. Father, please bring her to repentance, and to believe in the true Jesus of the Bible. AMEN.

Thank you for praying that my email would be restored back to me. Amazingly the Lord restored this and for a very low cost. Praise God - he is sovereign over everything, in Jesus mighty name, amen.

My Mum was healed from severe anxiety and depression after listening to "When You Don't Understand", over and over again! Praise God for his living word and faith filled TSC. Thank you, in Jesus' name.

I asked for prayer for Carlene, who has invasive cancer. She is responding well to chemo and feeling better, keep praying for full healing, please.

Thank you, Jesus, for your grace - we can stay in our home with only a small increase. Praise God for mercy and TSC faith-filled prayers. The Lord has covered my shame - I am so grateful.

Praise God, for his mighty answer to prayer. My daughter has been delivered miraculously from alcoholism! Thank you, Pastor Carter and TSC for your prayers.

Thank you Lord God for answering my prayer. My son Jody, daughter-in-law Laurzy, and daughter Alicia have had their relationship restored! To God be the glory. Thank you TSC.