Answered Prayers - Ireland

Thank you, Lord, our lady's conference was such a blessing on Saturday. What a joy to see so many, we had 15 ladies come from church. All so blessed. Thanks for ministry.

Rian 18 is a miracle prayed with him and his mum ICU today he made a miraculous recovery after having surgery last night again. Asking for complete healing. Thank you.

Thank you Lord for watching over my brother John who fell. The doctor said if he had fallen asleep he would have died. You Lord kept him awake. Glory to God.

Thank you, Lord for taking my brother through another procedure on his heart. Thank you for watching over him. He is not saved. Pray for his salvation. Thank you TSC.

Thank you, Jesus, for the new career pathway. I prayed about it 4 years ago and now You have answered my prayers. May your name be glorified in my workplace.

Praise God for answered prayer; Brian has recovered from a serious stroke and is speaking and walking! Thank you for praying TSC.

Prayed last week for my brother who was having tests for his heart. Thank God he doesn't have to have a bypass. They will see him in 6 months. Praise to our God.

Praise God for prayer tonight TSC 1/1/19. Believing the God of hope this year will fill our hearts with joy and peace in believing through the Holy Spirit.

I prayed for someone in my family to come to know the Lord last week. My aunt told me she was reading the Bible and asking about things in the Bible. Praise God.