Answered Prayers - United Kingdom

Thank you Jesus. The leukemia I was diagnosed with during pregnancy has now gone into spontaneous remission. No treatment needed.

Prayed for Bulgarian village council, making promises to destroy churches and build mosques. God stopped him on his way. He won't be council any more. GLORY to God.

The Lord answered prayer for Eric who was told that surgery was not possible. He came through surgery and is now more comfortable. Praise God. Thank you.

God connected us with a local church. Thank God. It is so good to be with God's people in the presence of God. Blessings TSC in Jesus' name.

Thank you for praying for Lucy. She is very young and pregnant and had a clot. The clot dispersed and God is working in her heart and turning things around. Thank you.

Thank you to Adonai Elohim for answering the prayer of many people worldwide. Little Tafida is going to Italy. Please continue to pray for her healing.

I lost my twin girls in pregnancy despite praying so much. I have been asking God why and he used Pastor Nik's recent sermon to answer me. Thank you, Jesus.

Last week, I asked for prayer for the finances of my church to fix the heating, hot water, and general repairs. Yesterday we were told we can, we have that money.

Thank you for praying for my husband to be drawn closer to the Lord. He is now back with the Lord. Praise God, Hallelujah.