Answered Prayers - Spain

Last Tuesday, we prayed for the salvation of my mother, Francisca. Yesterday, God kept her unharmed from a serious car accident. I keep believing in her salvation!

Thank my Lord! I have recovered 20% more of my sight and I hope to continue recovering it all. Thanks to all who prayed for me. God bless you!

Thank You, Lord! My son Dany came back to Spain from Argentina! God provided everything necessary for the return here! Glory to Lord!

Praise the Lord and thank you church! My brother-in-law must undergo more tests, for now he's home and recovering. My litle sister's case of grand jury has gone to trial, her abuser must stand trial. Praise God.

Praise God and thank you TSC; our family has received a host of miracles. One is that the pain in my spinal column has improved. And my nephew is with work again, and for many gracious smiles on the streets! Amen.

Thank you Lord Jesus and Times Square Church, my nephew Chris made it through 1st interview, and I pray he lands the job. Thank you Lord for mending our family relations, I pray this for my friends etc.