Answered Prayers - Australia

Yesterday (31st of December) a group of Christians at Mallacoota in Australia prayed for the approaching bushfire to stop, and the fire turned back on itself. Praise God!

Glory! Church prayed for my family to be reunited. My nephew and niece were not talking for 20 years, yesterday they had dinner together and met each other's kids for the first time ever.

I thank God for the many answers to prayer this year for provision and spiritual growth in myself and my family. Praise God!

Praise God for all you prayer warriors. I've been praying for a while with you. I've regained my joy back. I can see God in my trials thank you for being encouraging.

We asked for prayer for our daughter Jessica who had her 3rd surgery, and after an initial rough time, she is recovering well. Praise God! Thanks, TSC.

I had asked for prayer for a job for Carol, as her husband passed last year, and she started a job last week. Praise God! Thanks.

Praise God! My mum's lump, which doc thought was cancer, is a cyst! Doc is amazed and agrees prayer was answered. Thank you, TSC for praying. What a mighty God we serve!

We had asked for prayer for Jessica's surgery, and we praise God that her surgery went well and she is recovering well.

God has answered our prayer. Our pastor is back in a miraculous way. Still facing struggle and danger but God is mighty!

An atheist friend has helped once again. He loaned us money to buy a small decent 2nd hand car. God answers prayers in many ways and not always through his church.